The Phactory

April 10, 2018

Last year, I combined two of my nerdiest passions to write a data-driven exploration of the band Phish. I spent an embarrassing amount of time working on it, due in large part to the fact that there’s just so much music to explore. Rather than repeating the same process a second time, I decided to leverage the work I’d already done to make something interactive for other phans to enjoy. Turns out I spent an embarrassing amount of time on this as well.

The Phactory is a free Shiny app for exploring the music and history of the band Phish. The app combines data from and to produce interactive graphs and maps. The goal was to create new data visualizations and I’m incredibly grateful to the phans who created and maintain these amazing resources.

There are three main sections:

  1. Jamcharts: Interactive charts showing a song’s performance history, recommended jams, and average length. There’s also a table of every recording available on with links to each track

  1. Setlists - Setlists from, including a map of the venue location, show rating, and track links

  1. Tour map - Explore a map of the venues Phish has played throughout their career, including Europe and Japan. Filter venues by era, tour, year, or total shows.

There’s also a bookmark button that will generate a shareable link to the app in its current state - if you think a certain jamchart/setlist/map is really cool, bookmark it and send it to a friend!

Lastly, this is a constantly evolving project so please share any suggestions, bugs, or favorite parts!

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