Common errors and debugging R code

Code Tutorial

A guide to common errors and debugging strategies in R

The Phactory

Shiny App

A Shiny app to explore the music and history of the band Phish.

Using R to extract data from web APIs

Code Tutorial

Use R to harness the analytical possibilities of data available via web application programming interfaces (APIs).

Phish by the Numbers

Blog Post

My data-driven breakdown of the music of the band Phish.

Easy citations in RMarkdown with RefManageR

Code Tutorial

Make citations and bibliographies (slightly) less painful by combining RMarkdown, the RefManageR R package, and Zotero.

Building a Blog with Blogdown and GitHub

Code Tutorial

Get a blog up and running quickly and easily using a combination of GitHub and the fantastic blogdown R package.


Blog Post

Well, I finally did it. I started a blog.